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Professional Learning

Professional Learning


Are you teaching EAL/D students?

Do you want to brush up on grammar?

Are you wanting to embed Literacy into your program?

Would your teachers benefit from PL around Literacy?

Do you want a 'second pair of eyes' over your work?

Well, then...

Contact me so that I can help you out.

Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Professional Learning


I provide a range of Professional Learning including : 

  • Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classes (EAL/D)
  • How Language Works (literacy)
  • A Crash Course in Grammar (literacy)
  • The EAL/D Elaborations and your AITSL portfolio
  • Tracks to Two-Way Learning (Aboriginal EAL/D)

Classroom resources

Professional Learning

Classroom resources


I write EAL/D programs and assessments (including examinations) that are tightly linked to the Western Australian curriculum

I produce EAL/D listening activities

I can edit your work, letters or papers to ensure consistency, grammatical precision


What people have said

Classroom resources



  • Outstanding Professional Service Award 2012 (PTCWA) 
  • Certificate of Recognition for ongoing service 2015 (SCSA)

Consultancy on-tap

What people have said

What people have said


Invite me to consult with you or your staff to better meet the needs of  your students.  

I provide EAL/D  know-how and current literacy skills for teachers.  

Your consultant, your way.

What people have said

What people have said

What people have said


"You have treated our school, our community and our students with respect.  Thank you Sophia"  P.S. Principal.

"Thank you so much for helping us on our journey with our EAL/D students" A.V'H.  teacher.

"Thanks so much for saving our bacon with this resource!" M.P. teacher

who am i?

My Background

Born in Perth, WA, I have travelled extensively within and outside Australia.  

In the early '90s I completed a Bachelor's degree in English and French and went on to receive my Diploma of Education in TESOL and English at the University of Western Australia. 

In 1994, I moved to France as an Assistante (an English teacher employed by the French Government) where I stayed and completed a Licence (French Arts degree) in Montpellier, France. 

I have been working in education for the past 25 years.  I have worked in the Independent sector, the Government system and the Catholic system.  I have also worked for SCSA, ACARA and Curtin University.

My Experience

I have worked as:

- a classroom teacher

- an EAL/D consultant

- a Literacy consultant

- a curriculum specialist

- an online tutor of undergraduates

- a writer of :

  • exams (SCSA)
  • the EAL/D annotations on the Australian Curriculum (ACARA)
  • the EAL/D Teacher Advice (ACARA)
  • the EAL/D elaborations on the AITSL teacher standards (ACTA/AITSL)
  • the Australian EAL/D senior secondary course ( adopted and adapted by SCSA as WACE ATAR units 1-4).  

I am a trained Tutor of several Literacy and EAL/D courses and have run these  in a number of different contexts

Giving back



I have been a member of the Westralian Association for Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages since 2009.  During this time, I have  worked as a general committee member,  the President, the WA representative for the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA), and was part of the organising committee for the 2016 ACTA International Conference, held in Perth.


I have been involved with ACTA since 2007.  Initially their TESOL in Context officer, I became a state representative in 2009 and was involved in the creation of the EAL/D elaborations on the AITSL teacher standards (endorsed by AITSL).  Through ACARA and ACTA, I organised three  of the EAL/D Illustrations of Practice to be filmed in Perth.  These are currently displayed on the AITSL website.

The Kate Mullin Association

I have been involved in the Association since the inception of the Teacher Award (2013) which recognises best practice in Literacy education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Western Australia.  Initially on the selection committee for this award, I became an independent party, representing the Association and now coordinate the selection panel for this prestigious award.


2020 events.  All events are currently being moved to on-line learning.  Please contact me with any queries.

  • Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms 
  • An Introduction to teaching EAL/D students
  • Teacher Assistants working with EAL/D students

No upcoming events.

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